A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. At Vaughan Carpentry we can design, supply and fit your kitchen, to a high standard and specification to suit all budgets. We will also fit kitchens supplied by other manufacturers. We can also re-fresh your kitchen by fitting new worktops, tiling and cupboard doors and drawer fronts.

loft conversions

Loft Conversions

A loft conversion is the perfect way to utilise the extra space you already have within your home. A well designed loft conversion will usually add around 20% to the value of your property.

Turn your unused empty loft space into extra living space for your family. For more details about our Brighton loft conversions click here.

timber frames

Timber Frames

We have been providing precision engineered timber frame solutions for a long period. During this time we have worked with a range of clients including national house builders, large construction firms, housing associations and local developers, and we have helped countless self-builders to create their dream home.



Extending your property is usually cheaper that moving to gain that extra living space or bedroom a growing family needs. An appropriately designed extension can add value to your property. Vaughan Carpentry can design and build to your specification and budget.

garage conversions

Garage Conversions

The typical garage is just too small for the cars of today. As the cars have got bigger the garages have got smaller! So if you don't use the garage for your car then what do you use it for? Well the majority of people use the garage to store the rubbish that they can't bear to have in the house or they simply don't have room for and then we complain about not having enough space. We can make the most of this space!



Add another room to your house with a stunning patio area. Your decking area is the focal point of your garden. It's the place where you gather to entertain or take time out with a book and a glass of wine. Let your imagination run free: blend timber with stone, add walls or balustrades, mix levels and surfaces, and create areas to catch sun or shade. We can help advise and build that perfect decking area



Your roof is the most important part of your property and it is vital that repairs and re-roofs are carried out in order to protect your home. We can help maintain or repair your roof to ensure your property stays protected and safe all year round during different weather conditions.



We have help build a range of conservatories and create stunning rooms that are both part of your house and part of your garden, giving you a space to enjoy on both sunny and rainy days. You'll find that our conservatory prices are amongst the lowest in the industry and include a complete service that will help create that perfect conservatory.



The reasons for using timber in refurbishment can be summed up in environmental and human terms. The environmental argument is strong. Its association with a recognised level of craftsmanship makes timber seem particularly appropriate in older buildings, and it is also a natural complement to other construction materials.